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Discussion Questions


  1. Adam looks back to Paradise Dogs as a time when he was perfectly happy.  Is there a golden moment, a “Paradise” in your own life, you long to return to?
  2. Is it ever possible to unbungle our previous bungles or do we only end up making things worse?
  3. Adam has made a mess of his own life, and yet he seems to be able to step in and magically set things right in other people’s lives.  Why is this so?
  4. Is Adam better off or worse off being out of Chattahoochee?
  5. Kathleen believes a substance called Opoyo refracts or retards communication.  How does the inability to communicate form a theme in this book?
  6. Are developers such as Walt Disney good for or harmful to places such as Florida?
  7. When Addison asks to kiss Kathleen, she says it would be “a mistake.”  Do you think it is a mistake?  What will the consequences be when they confront Kean?
  8. Will Adam’s marriage to Lily be a happy one?
  9. Addison does not like stories with happy endings because he feels they are dishonest since life does not have a happy ending.  Adam believes this is precisely why stories should have happy endings.  Whom do you agree with?