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Also by Man Martin






We've got Western novelists staked out on mountain ranges, Southern writers who are cast in bronze on courthouse squares, and Literary Gods sailing a beam reach up East. And then there's Florida. One state with its own sticker on fiction. So Georgia writer Man Martin must’ve slipped across the Okefenokee to get Paradise Dogs so right, and so damn funny, like a retro multi-fold post card from the middle of the Sunshine State before Disney eared its way in.
Sonny Brewer, The Widow and the Tree and The Poet of Tolstoy Park


In Paradise Dogs, Man Martin offers the reader my favorite type of protagonist: part Willie Loman, part Ignatius J. Reilly, and part Roman Strickland from Brad Barkley’s Money, Love.  But Adam Newman is his own man wholly.  He’s the true lovable scam artist wishing to do right.  This is a great, fun read, full of absurdities, perplexities, and wonderfully cathartic insights.  Fun, sad, and more fun.

George Singleton, Workshirts for Madmen


Paradise Dogs is crisply paced, sharply written, nimbly structured. It has that rare combination of headlong momentum and the line-by-line finesse that makes a reader linger and luxuriate. Man Martin is no longer just a talent to watch; he’s a writer to celebrate. Loudly, and now.

Michael Griffith, Bibliophilia


 Paradise Dogs is a generous, wry, and endlessly sweet novel, one that swept me out of a gloomy, blue day and into Man Martin’s surreal and hilarious take on pre-Disney Florida. In Adam Newman, he has created a drunken careening buffoon who is--miraculously--not at all buffoonish, but rather a deeply flawed and equally lovable human being.

Lauren Groff, The Monsters of Templeton


Man Martin has done it again with Paradise Dogs.  It is the funny, clever, and articulate story of a big-hearted reprobate with the unassuming name of Adam Newman.  Adam has big plans and bigger dreams, and this chronicle of his misadventures in rural North Florida during the early Sixties was the best book I have read in quite a while.

Raymond Atkins, The Front Porch Prophet


In Paradise Dogs, Man Martin has created a character full of verve and unequaled passion. Adam Newman is bound to set readers on fire with his bawdy desire to make things right. This book is righteous, riotous, and riveting. A finely wrought tale of man versus everything.

Doug Crandell, The Flawless Skin of Ugly People, and Hairdos of the Mildly Depressed


A delicious farce – with a head and a heart. At the center is Adam Newman, the most hilarious character to come along in ages, a wild-man knight errant who's able to solve anyone's problems but his own. Plenty of absurd situations and laugh-out-loud writing, but with an underlying sadness and compassion that will take you by surprise.

Nancy Zafris, The Metal Shredders and Lucky Strike


Man Martin is an authentic Southern voice and true charmer. He tells the kind of story that lives in the memory and calls us back to read again.

Sheri Joseph, Stray and Bear Me Safely Over